Sacred Times in Life

Getting Married

Mazel tov!  Congratulations!

Make your wedding ceremony uniquely yours, a beautiful personalized ceremony reflecting you and the life you are creating together. I will guide you through each of the steps of a Jewish wedding and create a custom ceremony that is truly you. Yes, I do work with couples in which one person is not Jewish.

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Naming your baby

Naming your baby and welcoming him or her into the Jewish people is both a sacred moment and a great celebration. I will guide you through each of the steps and create a custom ceremony with you.

Having a baby boy? Looking for a mohel? 

Call me, I have contacts for you.

Choosing Judaism

Curious about Judaism? Interested in learning more? If so, you are among many people who are interested in Judaism, both in modern times, as well as throughout the centuries. Call Rabbi Lisa to talk about your journey, and see what's next for you.

Funeral Planning

Whether you are planning for the future, or are looking for a funeral officiant for immediate need, please call. 

Our journey on this earth is sacred. 

At this time, I will guide you and your family through the steps to care for and honor the deceased, and also create a sacred space for honor, memory, and mourning.

Memorials and Unveilings

A memorial service may take place of a funeral, or may be in addition to a funeral, at a later time or alternate location. What ever your family's needs are, please contact Rabbi Lisa to plan a memorial service, or an unveiling that honors the sacred journey of the deceased and creates a sacred space for honor, memory, and mourning.

Creating Sacred Experiences

Have a life event that just doesn't seem to have a specific Jewish ceremony for it? Let's talk - we can create one! Let's get creative!

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